latest things

work on my next album is well under way and this time i will be travelling back to the french quarter in new orleans, at the turn of the last century. 

the story i have written is about a family working on the railroads. it is a story of love and survival as the family battles against allthe odds stacked against them. 

the family are forced to move to tyrone in oklahoma to keep working and there they face the struggles of the thirties dustbowl and depression. 

the story is helped along with my music which is being composed with traditional and contemporary arrangements on instruments of the periods. 


i am so excited to be writing about this period in american history and recording will begin in june. the album will be split into three seperate releases . the first 6 songs to be released will be the period 1889 up until 1935.

it is a story of fiction but authentic in every way. i have done some amount of research and hoping that my story will come alive with the detail in the music.  please wish me luck!